Monday, February 28, 2011

The Siren: Progressing

Mostly still blocking, figuring out the composition/colors etc.

The Siren: Progressing

This project is for a new label for The Siren, an upcoming brew by Enlightenment Ales.

This is the transfer process.

This is color blocking.

Friday, February 25, 2011

What The Window Told Me

Fractals: New Pieces (incomplete)

The Web We Weave

One Life

Fractals: Expressing Your Existence Through Symbolic Manifestation of the Inner Universe

The aim of Fractals is to manifest Jewelry/wearable art that combines natural elements, literal representation of nature, and creative abstraction, inspired by the Universe.

The namesake was chosen through the observance of nature as an artist, and how she so gracefully connects every element by mimicking qualities/repeating patterns in her overall composition we know as the Universe.

The world/worlds within us are lush with forests of veins, our life controlled by a strong firey heart, radiating blood into our veins as the rays of the sun feed the trees, while our lungs *are* the atmosphere of our inner existence. Made up primarily of water, like the Earth, us humans move with the sea, affected naturally by the lunar phase as it affects the tides.

Every piece in Fractals attempts to remind the wearer that the outer Universe flows through us, lives inside of us; that we are but a microcosm of such grand masterpiece, which dances as a whole in exquisite fractals, much like a kaleidoscope.

The process involves letting Nature swim through me unconsciously, automatically, to inspire pieces that are evocative of spiderwebs, nests, the ocean horizon, that each charm may serve as a magickal segue (talisman) between the natural environment within and subjective perception/connection to this, and the larger, objective world around us.

Upon wearing these pieces may the wearer be instantly reminded of the beauty, power and intelligence that exists in our environment, and as a result, increase/create awareness of the power and intelligence that resonates within.

Photos from "There Is Another Court" - Jan - Feb 2011

John, Moi, Harry, Sam, Vahdat, Hannah, Jared, and Lorna - Love you guys.

Monday, February 21, 2011


Woodland Creature In Mind Forest

Wooden Dragon Devours Ocean Lamp Lady

Crumpled Napkin And Mask - An Imaginative Study