Thursday, December 30, 2010

Set Photos From: "There Is Another Court"

Check out the photos of the creation process for the set! The first picture is the shadow of the snake from the flyer (prototype).


Many have never seen the animal that I had to kill. But I will tell you, it was beautiful, with tiny translucent feathers every color that the eye knows, and some colors unknown to bodily vision. And it was effervescent to the soul, like champagne which tickles the tongue and warms the senses. Its wings, when spread, were large organic mirrors which reflected the spirit of this planet, that the seer may understand what glorious paradise we live in. Entranced by its eyes; night skies constantly flickering with meteors, when the animal blinked it was like the universe breathing in, perpetually giving and taking away a vision of perfection. And when I had to blink, the moment lasted for an eternity, for I could not bear to be away from the sight of such a magestic beast. It’s collosal paws were the unquestionable authority of the gods.

And that animal knocked me to the ground with it’s cataclysmic tail, because I did not deserve to be in its presence. That such beauty would destroy me turned me red, radiating with anger. And my anger began to turn to apathy, as I became a monster in the presence of such a wild angel. The chill winds of it’s flapping wings turned me to ice as it hovered above me. As the spectrum of my heaven quickly faded to gray, I ripped out my cold dry heart and launched it at the creature. I ripped off my right arm and fashioned it into a sharp point, like an icicle, and pitched it into the animal’s chest. And the squeals that it released from the pith of its diaphragm were the cries of a primordial evil that was birthed painfully into the ether before it could infiltrate the elements. Pouring out of its wounds was a thick black tar, and in it scattered were the corpses of humans that it had conquered, their faces adorned with the smiles of fools.

You must understand that I could have stared into its eyes for one thousand years, spun like a hapless fly into it’s inescapable web. And I would have let such beauty devour me. Had I deserved it, it would have carried my little dying body, painted with the expression of a idiot, to blessed universes on the other side of Desire. But it wanted me to kill it. Because I had to understand that such a thing, though ancient, is not immortal. And I have given my heart and the hand that paints in exchange for this atrocity I’ve committed.

And now I understand how it cripples a human, this wanting of forever, this needing of nothing at all.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Enlightenment: Progressing

There will definitely be more integration with the light bulb and the background, as well as a halo of light.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


"In one of the stars I shall be living. In one of them I shall be laughing. And so it will be as if all the stars were laughing when you look at the sky at night." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Can't Let Go: Progressing

These are the angels flying to the sun.

Revisiting A Very Old Painting.


It is funny how I like the original, more simpler version best. It is this painting that inspired me to document the process of all paintings in this blog, as one can see that naturally, the concept of Sophia was ultimately, unconsciously and microcosmically through my perception, veiled in nature. This process, I believe is true to life. Look beyond the trees and in between the flowers to see the spirit and the origins of the physical world.

Enlightenment: Background Complete!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Can't Let Go: Progressing

This is the storm.

This is the dog inside of the skull.

This is the rabbit inside of the face.

This is the eye of the girl's storm. This is also the girl, getting swept away

And This Is A Mock-Up.

Enlightment: Progressing

The colors will change. I don't like the colors.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Enlightenment: Beginning Stages 2

Enlightenment: Beginning Stages


I feel like fingers
Fallen from the hand
Like eyes without beauty
I am two lackluster stones

There is no “you”
To speak of
Nor a heart to remember

Beginning and
Going and
Ending alone

There once was a mother
A father, a sibling

There once was a flame

Or so I’ve been told

There were friends
There was laughter
There was warmth
In December

They called it Lav


Some other word

But in this body plagued by
A dreamer is running
From nothing
And banging on the doors
Of houses

Not homes

And I recall
In a dark land without sound
We were screaming together
On mountains of tongues
We were screaming together
But nothing would come out

But suddenly the stars
Began to move around eachother
We stared out and watched
As their light washed over the sky
And we screamed, just kept screaming
It was like the stars danced to our yearning
Inside I felt something
And I think it was that thing

It just had to be


Monday, December 6, 2010

The Very First Designs For The Play Flyer

Drawn on work coasters.

Artwork For Enlightenment

My friend has hired me to do the label for a beer he is brewing called, "Enlightenment". Here you will find a couple of photos playing around with ideas, and also the beginning of the decided upon design.

The Brewing of Explorer's Club IPA

These are pictures of myself and friends helping a good friend of ours as he brews a beer. Brewing, like painting, sculpting, songwriting, and cooking is also an art that requires a great imagination and a lot of gusto to pursue. This is an IPA (we looove IPA!) brewed with grapefruits (we looove grapefruits!).


Making it...

And making it...

And making it...

Prosecco break!

Making it...


Cool people...