Saturday, May 5, 2012


Can't know if it's real
Walk this moonlit path with me
'Til the sun comes up

No More

I am not who you think I am 
But I am everything you dream
Snaking in and out of your thoughts
Like tiny streams of water, moving in 
And out of cyclops rocks
You can't pick me up or hold me
But you can feel the way I move
Cold, wet and ambiguously alive
Like a possible phantom that whispers,

I disguise myself, throw myself
At you, hoping you'll notice,
I fall from the sky and seep into your skin,
On days when all you have is rain
I bless your feet in the early morning chill
When you step into the grass out of sleep
When you're hot and thirsty
I am your everlasting drink

So when tears drop from your eyes
As you sit on the rocks by the shore
I am there, coming and going
Always joined by your sadness
Still, when the person you think I am
Is no more

Tuesday, May 1, 2012


My mind, it sees what
My hands create what my heart
Will come to destroy


New label for Enlightenment Ales:  Illumination.  The concept is that this is a "sister" beer to Enlightenment.  We wanted to have Enlightenment be very symbolic, artistically conceptual, and Illumination to be a "real world" disguised version of the concept of Enlightenment.  In a sense, when one sees beyond the natural world they would see (experience) Enlightenment.  Illumination is merely the beginning of the process of unveiling, which can be seen when one takes a moment to truly appreciate and see the beauty in the natural world.