Friday, June 26, 2009

Mother Nature.

I reconcile this garbage field of thoughts with memories of playing house, daydreams of past Love, and fond images of innocence, as I sink into the quicksand like a thing without consciousness; a traveller’s boot, a voyager’s hat stolen playfully by the wind. Deeper still, I sacrifice slow inches of my body, a slave to Master Deathwish. As he calls, his echoes ring filling this cavity with Melancholy, I feel the pull around my swollen neck and like a puppet, I begin to dance as the Master sings, “Rest with me, I’ll give you everything, the soul behind the Universe, the world beyond the dream.” I bare my neck to be pierced willingly by heavenly, marble-white teeth. I close my eyes to meet the blackness, but all I see are cascades of flowers, painted the colors of a sunset as its fire bleeds into the sea, and I wonder, who has gifted this to me? I feel the breath of a cheating god against my costume skin, the teeth are caked with carelessness, deceived by my Master I battle the sand, emerging from hell to meet a lonely land embracing a sad sky, and I sing, “How quickly I can forget, Mother, how quickly I can forget. But I have not left you yet, Mother, no I have not left you yet.”

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I Have This.

I have this and not much more:

Enough spare time to enrich the mind, a humble solitary way of life that satiates a minute of longing, an hour of need and turns a dreaded future into an acquiescing past.

I need this, and nothing more:

Pretty, painful pictures to prevent the descent down to the primitive pith of desire; a beautiful, bloody, black and burning mud.

Sometimes I close my eyes and hold my arms up from my sides, and imagine that I fligh so hy to meet the gods, to enact the dreams trapped behind a child’s lies, to behold the gracious, glorious prayers devastatingly unanswered by the Truth; silly wishes of fools who believe in things. It pulls the taffy laughter from my machine soul, it smashes the salt water tank inside my eyes, it turns me sticky tar black and diamond white, abolishes existence and gives me the exquisite taste of a delicious death. Up here in outer space we are spiritual snakes, the body sheds as a thin slip of skin, the mind dissipates losing itself inside the ether like a fog into the clouds, and no thing matters.

I open my eyes, put my arms to my sides, and feel alive for a day.

Saturday, June 13, 2009



See there
What is that?
It stirs, jerking
Beneath the crust
Writhing like a black snake,
An unsightly, giant worm
Choking on the earth

Beads of blood form
Mixed with soil
Like dull rubies
Struggling to shine
The rocks cut and
The sticks pierce
It’s thick skin
But nothing kills it

It’s cries are painful
Yet precious
Like echoes of music from
A time before Time
Chasing a dry wind
Over acres of dirt
In a world of sleep
Searching for open eyes
And attentive ears

It sings a song
Of aching
Like a ghost
Wanting a body


That it was once human

Humming a lullabye
In rememberance


A eulogy
For the death of