Friday, June 1, 2012

Ages Of Sand

Wash me once with feeling wider
Than the ocean's mouth
Through tangled tongues I feel the waves
Roll heavy toward forgotten taverns 
Built out of shells and buried 'neath
Ages of sand

I fell apart like old wood in rain
The day I met you
Pour me over ice, toss me back
And then forget her

I'll be the girl who you abandon
Let me die into 
The warm salt belly of the planet

And you'll be the man who I laid to rest
In an old leather recliner
Poisoned by a small TV
With an ignored window for a stage
Always presenting the theatre of the sea
With a collection of depression glass
Lined up as patrons to reflect the scenes

You and I locked in time
Are the stars of the show

All of it is in everything;
What a human is 
Too afraid to know