Tuesday, January 18, 2011


How tempting it is
How fatal the blow
Of the kiss that explodes
A childhood of sorrow
And with it
Fond memories of
Starfish and sand dollars
And heroic adventures
When he was Hercules and
She was Medusa
Strong, sleek and evil

But if they breathe in slowly
They can make it their own
As the grieving tears of today
Bear resplendent gardens
Of joyous tomorrows

So a kiss is at once
A promise and betrayal
As they float in tides of forever
In a lively weariness
Of constant fascination

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Gift

There is not much of her left
She is dissolving again
Into places where bodies
Have no heads

Here they scream with their
Sex and they sing dragging
Scratches upon frozen ground

She slips into

The prettiest gown

And the twigs atop the soil
Are a choir of sorrow
As they are defeated by genocide
The result of a godly white flesh

And she can almost remember
The way the pieces of her face
Fell as broken shards would
The sharp ebony eyes descend
Trailed by the nose
And the cozy red cheeks
Black curls dropped like night
Diminishing the glow of
Scattered white teeth that
Once made a smile

And then there was nothing
Above the throat which was
Paused mid-swallow
Like a movie stopped during
A murder scene
Choking for him
All she could think of

Crumpled leaves of
Identity beneath little bare feet
That couldn't stop stomping
Disintegrate and
Tiny flecks fly away
Like small brown fairies


It was a gift
Wasn't it?
To watch them flutter
Up into a universe of
Unknown mind?

And then he gave her an apple
Like she'd won a prize

No, that was the gift
Wasn't it?

The knowledge that
This garden is
A lie

Everything You Do

Everything you do is perfect
And I turn away like a boy
Tying a puppy to tracks
Waiting for the train
Knowing I'll regret it
At the last minute
When reality hits hard
When I can't save it
I'll just say
And walk away like
I always do

A murderer

And just like a little boy I'll
Kick a rock and wonder

Why do I love this game
So much?

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This is a painting/collage that I did for my father Christmas '09.

New Concept Design

This is a very rough, first sketch done free-hand (without references, which I plan on using for accuracy of the body, feathers, etc.) for a new concept that will involve the image of the siren.

Who Is The One, Watching The One, Watching Me?

This was done as a CD cover upon request of a past acquaintence but was never used.


Homeless, the talking skull and the cold maiden went walking. The night sung a thousand songs of wishing, luring them into deep leaves of fatal becoming. And upon meeting the odd figure, it so happened that she became a skeleton and he began to grow an icy flesh. Abruptly stopping, they stared desperately into each other's eyes, and upon parting their lips to speak, escaping silently were a thousand wishes of song.

Enlightenment: Fin!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Enlightenment: Progressing Still

We decided to paint it, after all.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


These words cannot be said
A confession requires shame
The admittance of a beauty
I know that I am lacking

There is a perseverance
Rife in this plague of thought
It is Solitude
Breathing laboriously through
The nightmare hours
In an age when cities of sleep
Have been seized by
Cracked bottle memories
That suck up
The eyes’ sky

And the waifs of Nevertime
That toil begrudgingly in the heart
Of this metropolis
Trying restlessly to keep it beating
Once young and able
Now decrepit
Fall short as they chase
After fleeting moments
Of forgiving

And when our bodies stand
On this last part of the world
Too small for two I’ll be the one
To dive into the sweeping sea of
Swimming through space like
A lost fish unknown to such
Quiet depths
I will make my home in

Remembering only
That I have left all comfort
For the bitterness
of this insatiable lusting after
The hunger for
Such beauty