Friday, June 26, 2009

Mother Nature.

I reconcile this garbage field of thoughts with memories of playing house, daydreams of past Love, and fond images of innocence, as I sink into the quicksand like a thing without consciousness; a traveller’s boot, a voyager’s hat stolen playfully by the wind. Deeper still, I sacrifice slow inches of my body, a slave to Master Deathwish. As he calls, his echoes ring filling this cavity with Melancholy, I feel the pull around my swollen neck and like a puppet, I begin to dance as the Master sings, “Rest with me, I’ll give you everything, the soul behind the Universe, the world beyond the dream.” I bare my neck to be pierced willingly by heavenly, marble-white teeth. I close my eyes to meet the blackness, but all I see are cascades of flowers, painted the colors of a sunset as its fire bleeds into the sea, and I wonder, who has gifted this to me? I feel the breath of a cheating god against my costume skin, the teeth are caked with carelessness, deceived by my Master I battle the sand, emerging from hell to meet a lonely land embracing a sad sky, and I sing, “How quickly I can forget, Mother, how quickly I can forget. But I have not left you yet, Mother, no I have not left you yet.”

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