Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Man I Knew.

A Man I Knew

Old faces scorn with royalty
In city façades
The booming command of pleasure
And money is
The new scent of the season

As the dressing on the trees
Burns with age
A fire bleeding red
The wind hatches goosebumps
On Summer’s skin
And sings to her
The enchanting lullabye
Of Death
Her exit music
Blazing a trail
For Autumn who shall let us know
Dying is beautiful
And comes in many colors

The buildings stay the same
The human fails to change
Desires without love
And wants without

The lonliness in a defiled body
Perfectly scathed with an ugly discrepancy
Bores a hole in the heart
Of a would-be saint

If only the Earth hadn’t seized him
Before the Sun
The World's frog-like tongue
Chewing him up
With it's monolithic molars
And passing him
Through the asshole
Of a raped Reality
A digested, mutilated
Sanguine massacre

Flesh and Shit

Perhaps he could
Endure the seasons


He descends
With the leaves

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