Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Beast

People love me from far away, and from far away I’m beautiful. Like the Earth from outer space, one could never imagine the bloodshed and filth that is a part of me; a truth beyond the exquisite white, blue and green marble that glistens in a black vaccuum. If I could just tell you, somehow, I’m doing my best to be a part of the Universe. My oceans are deep as the eyes of God, and filled with terrible monsters that guard the treasures of the soul. And like the Earth, I am alone in this black sea overwhelmed with the life that has been granted unto me. And like the Earth I should want to move toward the sun, that the light may consume my wretched being and return me from whence I came. And with my soiled surface, and the despair that bleeds from the sufferings of Man upon my soul; the glorious mistakes of chaos and the way she trips in patterns on my skin, I shall one day fall gracefully into the fire that has embraced me, and given me life despite all the death I’ve bred. I am a waif, stranded in Space and without Time, to be seen only by the sun. Should you take me by the hand you are not human, but an angel; for up close people hate me, and up close I am hideous as the Beast that guards the Jewel.

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