Monday, August 9, 2010

Playing With Yourself.

I know who you are
A mental thief
Not to be trusted
Nor adored
You live for yourself
Needing momentary
You desire something
You cannot give
And therefore
Do not deserve

It's true that I gave it to you

Knowing what you were;

A mind criminal obvious in his
Only to another of his ilk

Attempts at taking
What was never given to him
Desperate accounts
Of manipulation
And blatant displays
Of cover-ups

I am aware of every
Game that you play

And I watch the others
Get played

It makes me laugh

You can fool the average
Trick the weak into
Loving you
Be a small Hitler
To your tiny, loyal country
Of idiot women

But I am the most loyal one
You should not trust
Who will assassinate you
If you don't soon embark
On your own demise

I will rise to power
At the cost of my love
For you

Because this is a game
And there is no team
In our eyes

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