Wednesday, January 5, 2011


These words cannot be said
A confession requires shame
The admittance of a beauty
I know that I am lacking

There is a perseverance
Rife in this plague of thought
It is Solitude
Breathing laboriously through
The nightmare hours
In an age when cities of sleep
Have been seized by
Cracked bottle memories
That suck up
The eyes’ sky

And the waifs of Nevertime
That toil begrudgingly in the heart
Of this metropolis
Trying restlessly to keep it beating
Once young and able
Now decrepit
Fall short as they chase
After fleeting moments
Of forgiving

And when our bodies stand
On this last part of the world
Too small for two I’ll be the one
To dive into the sweeping sea of
Swimming through space like
A lost fish unknown to such
Quiet depths
I will make my home in

Remembering only
That I have left all comfort
For the bitterness
of this insatiable lusting after
The hunger for
Such beauty

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