Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Upon near completion of my newest album I have become extremely visually inspired by many things, to the strange pinnacle of madness. It is necessary to be wary of insanity, at times the colors can become too bright, the shapes too sharp, and form too mysterious to even begin to ponder its existence. Alas, this is why the artist and musician creates, and the philosopher writes.

Without manifestation of such observations, these things are not purged from the brain. The brain is a computer that at times, to function properly, needs things cleared from the hard drive. To the brain, an "art" serves as an external hard drive. It is a documentation of a thought, feeling or observation, that once explored fully and put into form, no longer needs as much attention. If this process does not occur, such thoughts and observations can build up in a brain, coagulate and create nonsensical thought tumors, bearing a sickness that deteriorates the mentality of the individual. This can take away one's humanity, only to portray them as a malfunctioning machine, with a frozen or flashing screen or an arbitrary systemization.

On this note, I recommend the film Seraphine:


Bleeding Hearts and Forget Me Nots has been put on the back burner, as the interest in such subject matter was largely intellectual and also related to an issue I feel that I have portrayed more accurately through sound in Kingdom of Shells through the track titled "Mnemosyne".

For motivational reasons, I will document the process of my current paintings in this blog.

The above sketch is a brief, intuitive image that came to mind one day upon an informal meditation. I will elaborate on this image and post pictures as progress ensues.

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