Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Human And The Universe: Cont.

The Passerby: Part 2

Who is this girl that challenges what I have learned in my brave excursions? I offer her only treasures and she takes them and devours them like a starving monster to be destroyed in the acids of her deadly hunger! I have nothing but love to give her, but she is unappreciative, and does not understand the importance of the heart. And so I shall give up, it would seem. But I have been left in the place she now resides in, and it is a nasty one; a world of lies that tells its victims that they must survive in darkness alone to be strong, when the truth is that another must be let in to help them find their way toward the light. And should I continue to try and help her she may only drag me back to that place with a fog so thick one would eventually drown from the condensation! But I am sinking as in quicksand into the spell that her mad eyes cast upon me, and through them I can feel the grasp of this lonely hell she is an unfortunate inhabitant of. I swore to never tread upon the grounds of that place again, for fear its grip of hopelessness and it’s desperate measures at mimicking the nothingness of Nirvana would convince me once more that I am weak without its power. Oh how evil and full of hate a place must be to masquerade as Heaven!

But the glint in her eye is the moon rising over the sea! The waves escape her dreams of glass and crash upon the shores of my soul. She is my destiny, and if I do not save her then I am not fully saved! Walking away shall certainly hurl me back into the darkness, knowing I did not try to help another. I have no choice but to risk the enchantment of the glorious odors of this dark night that her lovely being exudes. And so I must convince her that I have not left dirt in the palm of her hand, but a pure white sand, each miniscule pebble with its own grand secret of love should she choose to listen at last to the charming murmurs of the ground singing in unison with the booming law of an uncertain sea. For its mystery is only to be pondered! Its story is one that is told by the surrounding land. Oh my dear girl, if you would only listen to the chorus and close your eyes to your search for the composer; trust that such beautiful music is evidence that such a genius exists!

I must act with haste! By now her feet are surely on the cold wet sand she deems blessed by the sea.

The Human: Part 6

I have been reduced to this empty vessel; a mere body that is home to a dead soul. I should soon be fished and used as meat for the hungry and monstrous mysteries of the bitter sea. I am utterly frozen in the midst of the night that I do not feel a thing! What a glorious vacuum that has put my doubt at ease! For now I know that I must step into the water and be consumed by the mystery at last! Should I stay here in this world they would not understand the calm of the death inside of me, and I should not be able to delight in the smile of another, or the tears of a distraught friend. And they would say that I had lost my mind, when I have merely found a place of rest. And they would put me away, and call me mad, when I have only escaped the vicious prison that is this world! I do not belong here. Certainly, I belong with the sea, and she should demolish my body that I am no longer a shell; that there will be no more pretense of life about me!

And what of this dirt I hold in my hand? I shall cast it into the wind storm and alleviate such burden at once!

Part 8: Apathy

Mother, why does the girl seem happy now?

Oh Little One, she has turned into a beast. She has killed all of her love with a doubt so grand that it has propelled her to believe in everything she has feared. All that she had doubted that was true and beautiful, is now growing weak since it is perceived as a lie, and what she has feared has been made strong, and is only gaining veracity. For it is easy to fashion egrogores from the darkness. There are others like her that she is unaware of who cast power into such entities. And these creatures run rampant in the physical realm, manifesting themselves as nightmares and luring souls into their caverns. They render many individuals as imbalanced beings, closer to demons than to humans. If you look closely as she walks into the water, you can see that her shadow now bears horns, and to fix your eyes upon it will cause a great terror, for it has become stronger than her soul. She is the emptiness in the eyes of killer without remorse, and the loneliness in the depraved criminal acts of an orphaned child. It is the goal of such beings to create a kingdom of shells, for they are angels of death.

Why do such wretched beings exist Mother!?

Because Little One, what is the reward of Heaven without passing through Hell? We cannot learn the real strength of beauty without comparison to that of ugliness. It is the traveler's perception and interaction with these nightmares that is often at fault. As at a zoo where you should not feed the animals, it is important not to feed these wild things with fear. When something is feared, it grows stronger and consumes the traveler. Like a spider feeds off of an unfortunate fly, it is only natural for these beings to act as they do. All things must be revered, and caution must be taken, certainly! But Evil stops the seeker on his or her path, and all he or she has to do is recognize it, and pass it by.

These malevolent energies are aware of the seeker only by the sound of a scream and the scent of fear. Hence it attacks and stings, paralyzing the individual. The journey has ceased. This is what is happening to the girl, Little One.

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