Friday, June 11, 2010

Out of Season

I found a dying man
Outside the garden where
Things needed
In a time of forgiveness
He was digging up stones
He thought were pieces of
I said, "Can I help you sir?"
And he said,
"No, can I help you?"

I couldn't bear to leave him
So I began to help him dig
He stopped and said,
"Don't pretend that you can hear
The voice that's calling out to me."

I was only trying to help him live.

Well I couldn't bear
To let that dying girl
Just walk away
So I answered when she asked
What I was looking for,

"A reason."

She smiled as if she knew
Better than to live for anything

Grabbed the rocks out of my hand
Tossed them into the garden and said,

"God is out of season."

I was only trying to help her live.

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