Thursday, June 17, 2010

Starkweather Reviews

These are some reviews that have surfaced in the metal world since the release of Starkweather's This Sheltering Night. As mentioned long ago in a previous blog post, Sophia Perennis (my experimental ambient/some call it noise {I hate calling it noise cuz noise kids piss me off}) project, has contributed two tracks as interludes on this release. The entire album is great. Interludes provided by Dälek also add a little spice to the composition, yet it does not fail to flow cohesively at all. Personally, I like it more than their first release Croaton, but I am not about to write my own review. So here, check these links if you care:

(I think this one has some misinformation about the track "The End of All Things." I'm pretty sure they meant to reference a difference song, as that is one of the soundscapes which does not embody the essence of Starkweather)–-this-sheltering-night/


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