Friday, December 10, 2010


I feel like fingers
Fallen from the hand
Like eyes without beauty
I am two lackluster stones

There is no “you”
To speak of
Nor a heart to remember

Beginning and
Going and
Ending alone

There once was a mother
A father, a sibling

There once was a flame

Or so I’ve been told

There were friends
There was laughter
There was warmth
In December

They called it Lav


Some other word

But in this body plagued by
A dreamer is running
From nothing
And banging on the doors
Of houses

Not homes

And I recall
In a dark land without sound
We were screaming together
On mountains of tongues
We were screaming together
But nothing would come out

But suddenly the stars
Began to move around eachother
We stared out and watched
As their light washed over the sky
And we screamed, just kept screaming
It was like the stars danced to our yearning
Inside I felt something
And I think it was that thing

It just had to be


1 comment:

  1. HI dear poet.The first part you poem was your experience of your spirit in dimension of darkness looking down.The second part experience of your spirit in the dimension was in looking around trying to find the path. The last part and the best part of your poem and your experience in spirit finely you find the truth looking up to the source .The source of enlightenment. Look up with open eyes it is the only one holly one.Thank you for your poem